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It’s 10 years since the implementation of the FLEGT Action Plan: VPAs are being developed in many African countries and the EUTR came into force in March 2013.

But ... what about the efforts to tackle timber legality and/or sustainable management certification that started two decades ago?

The Congolese VPA enables the recognition of private certification schemes if they are consistent with the VPA. What are the actions to be undertaken by certification bodies?

How can the companies whose traceability system is certified contribute to the establishment of a national traceability system?

Can private certification schemes accelerate VPA implementation?


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Monday 21 October 2013

VPA and private certifications: Congolese recognition - 20 seats available

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Double certification: opportunities in Congo - 20 seats available


It’s 20 years since the creation of the label: FSC wood in the Congo Basin represents less than 1% of tropical timber imports in the world.

Some market shares are lost due to lack of marketing strategy. Yet to date, tropical timber remains an eco-material capable of meeting the technical needs of international markets while certification provides guarantees (of legality on top of sustainability) required by the most demanding markets.

Which signals must be sent to the international markets to reposition certified African wood products on the cutting edge?

What conditions are necessary to bring a fresh market boost to certified African wood products as well as providing an attractive economic option for Africa’s wood industry?

Could the Republic of Congo spearhead the emergence of PAFC certificates at the national level in the field, as well as for promising export markets by turning this label into a new ambassador of "African certified product" quality?


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